Local Repair Shop

We also help the residential/everyday users.

Computer Repair

We can repair almost anything on your Personal computer, from Broken screens, locked out, Hard Drive failing and so much more.

Data Recovery

Hard Drive failing? Did you drop your laptop and now it says no drive? We got you covered. We have been very successful at recovering data. If we cannot do it in shop, we also partner with the best Data Recovery Company, we can send your drive to them!

Software Issues

Does your PC not want to update? Or is there a software/app on there that just doesn’t want to work. We got you covered!

Home Network Installation

If you want to have network plugs placed in every room of your house, we do that too!

Home Wireless Installation

If you don’t want cables ran or don’t have a way to hide your cables, we can set you up with all wireless connections for your home.

Custom Built PCs

Don’t want to be like the norm? Serious Gamer? Do a lot of Photo editing or 3D printing and need some serious muscle to handle whatever you can throw at it? We can build you a custom beast.

And Much More….

“These people are AMAZING! Professional, knowledgeable, caring, kind and patient. Just what these two tech challenged retirees needed!”

Betty Tarver & Kelly Mercy